Dear All

Dear All

 Dear All,

enisoI would like to introduce  myself. My name is Enis Ozkan.

I was born in izmit of KOCAELI

I’m fifty one years old

I’m maried and I’ve two childen.

I have worked  in IT sectors about twenty eight years. I’ve retired from a global automotive group.

Nowadays , I’m been working at an English Language Instutue. My position is Deputy General Manager.

Besides , I’m a blog writer on the website and also, I’ve a website. There are a lot of subject on the this site .

A couple of months ago, I decided to create this website. I would like to give service to everyone regarding with my city.

Everybody can be find in this site important adresses, telephone numbers ,maps, related pictures etc. in our web site.

By the way , I would like to mention my friend .His name is Tuncer SEN. We’re working in the same room. IT department partner. He is a webmaster and web designer.

He has built a lot of web site project. One day, approximately  six or seven months ago , I told him, I about my dreams related with  service website. First of all, there was the need for a name. We thought  a name for our  website and found, the name  izmitguide

Dear All

After that I bought a host name extention. (com, etc.) We found  .com extention and our web sites name is from now on.

Mr.SEN has built the basics of that I’ve complated documentation, video, pictures etc. on the web site.

Also you may see the blog site. I’ll be writing general issue everytime.Everyone can be follow me through this structure.

It’s ready now. Everybody can use it. Also I will complete actual information step by step and  Also I’ll try to keep it updated.

If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to contact with me via website.

Have a nice day

See you next time

Sincerelly yours ,